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Don’t Get Lost in Shades of White

Leading the way in quality quartz surfaces since the 1980s, Caesarstone’s new Whitelight Collection showcases eight timeless designs that instil your space with a sense of serenity.

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The Hero of Your New Kitchen

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With choices for white interiors being virtually limitless, it’s easy to become quickly overwhelmed among all of the cool and warm tones, the vivid and misty whites, and everything in between. When designing your kitchen, there’s a lot of decisions to navigate, from splashback tiles to storage and benchtops. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

And luckily for you, Caesarstone’s new Whitelight Collection helps to take all of the deliberating out of the equation. Each of the Collection’s eight quartz surfaces provide a grounding influence within your kitchen, by drawing inspiration from the patterns, textures and movements found in the natural world around us. Infusing our homes with that connection to nature that we’re all craving, especially now more than ever.

Keep reading as we take a deeper dive into Caesarstone's Whitelight Collection, which will quickly become the hero of your new kitchen...

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Whitelight Collection

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The Whitelight Collection beautifully weaves into a broad range of interior design trends and colour palettes. Interior design trends come and go, but kitchens filled with classic white interiors have stood the test of time. They not only create an inviting and uplifting space, but by opting for a white benchtop with unique and intricate veining, you’re able to add interest and intrigue to your contemporary kitchen without straying too far from your neutral comfort zone.

It’s important to remember, your benchtop is the show-stopper that first captures your attention when you enter your kitchen. It becomes the focal point that will provide contrast or instil a sense of balance and flow to the rest of the room. So, we’ll help you choose wisely!

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Image: Jade and copper lines intertwine with deeper grey and black veins in Arabetto to bring out vibrancy and movement.

The different styles of veining found in the Whitelight Collection mimic the subtleties and natural beauty found in the outside world, allowing you to choose a benchtop that you connect with. Arabetto and Aterra Blanca capture the timeless luxury of marble, while Adamina’s dreamy nod to rolling, golden sand dunes will make it look right at home in any contemporary Australian kitchen.

The revival of Calacatta veining found in Calacatta Maximus provides a dramatic yet subtle edge to a neutral space, as oversized and soft, grey and copper veins traverse your benchtop. While the rich blue-black veins of White Attica create a refreshed take on the long-adored Hamptons look, especially when paired with blond timber flooring, white cabinetry and brass accents.

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Image: The earthy complexion of Adamina pairs perfectly with off-white, warm grey or beige cabinetry, tiles and walls.

If you find yourself still stuck on narrowing down the perfect benchtop for your kitchen, try deciding on a finish first - polished, natural or rough, to just name a few. Then finalise your colour and ensure it flows with the rest of the home. Think about the overall look and feel to your home as well. If a muted, pared back palette is more your style, you might want to steer away from darker, oversized veining that will speak more to those wanting to inject drama into their space.

One thing’s for sure, a benchtop from the Whitelight Collection is definitely a value-adding feature for your home that you won’t regret investing in. Plus, when you register your Caesarstone warranty online, you receive a free cleaning kit to help care for your pride and joy throughout the years to come.

White Light Collection

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