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Buy and Renovate, or Build New?

When renovating, what starts as a small redo project, can quickly turn into disrupted weekends flipping your house upside down and balancing budgets into the night, all while trying to lock-in and coordinate trades. Which is why, we're walking you through all of the benefits of building new.

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Don't be left with renovation regret, enjoy the benefits of building new

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The road to home ownership is paved with learning experiences, whether you buy an existing home and renovate or build new.

Choosing the right journey for you can be a tough decision and ultimately there's no cookie-cutter answer. The best pathway will depend on your budget, lifestyle and the timeline that you're working to.

But when renovating, what might start off as a little revamping project, can quickly be derailed by pesky mould, termite damage or harmful and costly asbestos. Not to mention, outdated electrical wiring and poorly built structural beams can throw a huge spanner in the works. Leaving you faced with budget blowouts, as well as a schedule of managing trades that starts to feel like a full-time job.

Overall, the real gamble with renovating is, you often don’t know what to expect until you take the plunge! While this is all part of the excitement, we understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. With over 127 display homes around the country and a team of New Home Specialists who know our home designs like the back of their hand, you’re able to have a clear vision of your new home right from the start when building with Simonds.

Keep reading, as we’re walking you through the features you’ll never regret having in your new Simonds home!



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Image: From the morning rush to entertaining during summer - a breakfast bar, dining and alfresco will have you prepared for all occasions. As seen in our Newbery 27, on display at the Covella Estate, Greenbank, QLD.

With over 70 years experience in building homes, our driving design philosophy focuses on creating spaces that are as equally beautiful as they are functional. We've built thousands of homes for families across the country and we know how to deliver liveable spaces that you'll continue to gravitate to and enjoy as the years go by.

With a Simonds home, you won't be left feeling like a sardine in your walk-in robe, or scratching your head with the layout of your bathroom. While our Fixed Price Guarantee and Lifetime Structural Guarantee ensure that there's no unexpected surprises along the way.

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Image: A perfectly planned and organised walk-in robe is a key part of any master bedroom. As see in the Leopold 38, on display at the Edgebrook Estate, Clyde, VIC.

While we’re on the topic of regrettable renovation choices, we got to thinking about the top features that you’ll never regret in your new home. Not now, and not in 10 or 20 years time. When building new and narrowing down your favourite floor plans and layouts, it’s easy to become swept up in making the big decisions and shifting all of your attention to the future focal points of your home. The spacious, open plan living area, the entertainer’s alfresco and a relaxing master bedroom retreat, are just a few of those big draw cards.

But alongside these big features, there’s so many additions that come together to make your home a functional space. Smaller features that don’t necessarily get the spotlight or the superstar treatment, but have a huge impact on making your day to day life that whole lot easier. Here are our top floor plan features that you won’t regret having in your new Simonds home.

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Image: A spacious walk-in pantry will never leave you scrambling for space. As seen in our Lauriston 32, on display at the Franklin Place Estate, Traralgon, VIC.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, don’t forget about storage! It can feel like a slightly more unglamourous aspect of your home, but built-in storage and linen cupboards will save you countless headaches as the years go by. We have a wide range of floor plans that take into account different storage needs and we recommend having a chat to your New Home Specialist so that they can find the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

With storage, you also have to think beyond the usual suspects, like linen and cleaning supplies, and factor in space for those bulky items that you only use once or twice a year (we’re looking at you festive decorations). Not to mention, if you’re a household of sports fanatics or outdoor adventurers, you’ll want to think about how to best store all of your gear and be out the door with zero-fuss on the weekends!

Start exploring some of our different storage options with our VIC Le Cras, NSW Eastwood 34 or the SA Avalon 34.

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Image: A dedicated storage and drop-off space tucked away next to the garage and stairs for ultimate convenience. As seen in the Empire 42, on display at the Armstrong DV3 Estate, Mount Duneed, VIC.

Drop-Off Zones

You might also know them as mud rooms. They're the perfect addition to prevent kids traipsing dirty footy boots throughout, and up and down the home. And they'll instil your home with a sense of calm and order, ensuring there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place!

A mud room or a drop-off zone aren't just for homes in regional areas either. Whether you're building in the country, the city or on the coast, a dedicated space will serve you well in the winter with muddy boots and wet raincoats, through to the hot summer months with sandy thongs and overflowing beach bags.

Of course, everyone’s lifestyles and needs are different and you might find that you prefer for your garage to directly flow on to your laundry and walk-in pantry. It’s common to find yourself moving between these spaces and having direct access will make your spring cleaning day that little bit more fuss-free.

If this sounds right up your alley, start exploring our VIC Morton 30, SA Bentleigh 28 or our QLD Armstrong 37.

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Image: Water Grey from Haymes Paint creates a soothing study space, perfect for keeping you focused and refreshed. As seen in the Belvidere 41, on display at the Olivine Estate, Donnybrook, VIC.

A Study

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that having a dedicated study area has become the holy grail of any home.

This could mean a spacious home office or even just a dedicated study nook that provides plenty of desk space and shelving.

Many of our new home designs feature a dedicated study area because we know that having a space where your work or school day starts and ends is so important. We also want you to have a space that you’re proud to show off to your colleagues, so that you don’t have to retreat behind that virtual Zoom background.

If a study space is one of your must-haves, start exploring our QLD Moreton 23, VIC Napier 53 or our small-lot NSW Parvis 22.

Explore contemporary family living in the grand Empire 42, in the Armstrong DV3 Estate, Mount Duneed, VIC.

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