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Our friends at DreamCourts™ are taking your backyard play, and slam dunks, to the next level.

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Shoot Hoops All Day Long - Rain, Hail or Shine

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As the Great Australian Builder, we understand that a fun and functional backyard is key to the Australian way of life.

With DreamCourts, you’re able to elevate your backyard appeal and be the envy of everyone on the street, all year round. Whether you’re shooting hoops, or battling it out in a game of neighbourhood cricket, their court solutions will take your family through those chilly winter evenings and into the endless summer nights.

And don’t just take our word for it. DreamCourts are the official outdoor court partner of Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL), so you know you’re in safe hands.

Keep scrolling, as we’re giving you the low-down on how you can take your backyard play to the next level with a DreamCourt.

Transform Your Patch of Dirt

Into a Sporting Wonderland

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Image: Every DreamCourt starts with the 'before' shot - whether it be a backyard of unused grass, dirt or a muddy pit. Keep scrolling for the transformation!

Do you have a never ending list of landscaping and DIY garden jobs to do?

A list of those outdoor spaces that you mean to tackle at the end of a busy work week, but then life happens, and the weekend gets away from you? Trust us, you’re not alone!

When you’ve built a new home, it’s common to get caught up in unpacking the mountains of moving boxes and adding those final styling touches throughout the interior, with any questions about the backyard falling on the back-burner.

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Image: Ta-da! Embrace backyard bliss even with tight and narrow spaces.

Fast forward six months, and you find that the view from your alfresco still looks out onto dirt patches and muddy pits. So, why not get ahead of the game?

Cue the experts at DreamCourts.

Whether your little one has their sights set on the NBL, or you’re just a family of sporting enthusiasts, DreamCourts’ basketball and multi-purpose courts will have you making the most out of backyard play, day in and day out.

And if the last year and a half has taught us anything, it’s how precious outdoor fun and activities with friends and family really is. From basketball to tennis, soccer, netball, ring toss and raceways for toddler trikes, you have a world of possibilities when you step onto your DreamCourt.

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Image: Your DreamCourt is designed to withstand the harsh Australian elements, so that you're safe to play - rain, hail or shine.

Why DreamCourts?

With a DreamCourt, you’re able to foster your child’s dreams, while also boosting your neighbourhood bragging rights. And their courts don’t just look the part, but they’re also a practical choice. The premium-grade, interlocking sporting tiles mean that you’re able to make the most of backyard play, without the hassle of costly upkeep or time intensive maintenance. Here’s our top three reasons why investing in a DreamCourt is a fun and practical decision...

They’re easy to maintain. A regular sweep or pressure clean will keep your DreamCourt in tip-top shape over the years to come. The porous nature of the tiles acts like a filter, so water can drain and direct dust and dirt away from the court, also resulting in a quick-drying surface. The porous tiles reduce puddling, minimise slippage and ensure that no games get washed out for too long.

Choose from the Elite Pro II or Elite X 2.0 tiles, both of which have been engineered and tested under harsh Australian conditions. They’re UV resistant, anti-fade and have an elite grip rating, so you can feel safe to play, regardless of the weather.

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Image: Customise and personalise your DreamCourt with a wide range of designs, colours and shapes.

They’re noise reducing. When anchored to concrete or asphalt, a DreamCourt offers a 30 per cent reduction in noise, compared to just stand alone concrete. All while offering an exceptional bounce, similar to what you would experience in an indoor, professional environment. Giving you the ‘pro’ experience, without driving the family and neighbours up the wall.

They’re injury preventing. Everyone knows the toll that running and jumping can have on the body. DreamCourts are designed to absorb the shock of high impact and high intensity ball play, to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of their age. Meaning Mum and Dad can come out of retirement and get amongst the action alongside the kids.

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Image: Make the most of your backyard space throughout the year, from the frosty, winter mornings to the scorching summer days.

So, Where Do You Start?

The friendly team at DreamCourts are ready to walk you through all of the ins and outs of the planning and installation process.

All courts are built to be customisable in colour, shape and design, meaning you can find a solution that fits with your lifestyle, personality and outdoor space. The DreamCourts team don’t shy away from a challenge or a unique backyard layout either. From slopes to tight access, or trees or sheds in the way - if they’re able to lay concrete or asphalt, chances are, they’re able to lay a court.

Just as our New Home Specialists orientate your home on your block to maximise natural sunlight, the DreamCourts team will look at the orientation of your court and hoop placement, so that they can align them with the position of the sun at your preferred playing times during the day.

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Image: Save yourself from constant trips to the neighbours with containment nets along your fence line.

If your court is positioned up against your boundary, we really recommend containment nets, as they’ll be a lifesaver in preventing balls from flying into your neighbour’s backyard when you hit for six or sky a penalty.

It’s also important to be aware of your local council’s restrictions and requirements. If you have an easement on your property, you might need to look into getting a permit. Some councils also have hard to soft surface ratio requirements that are targeted at limiting noise pollution. But again, the noise minimising nature of DreamCourts, will put you in a good position to keep everyone on the street happy.

If you're feeling as though there's a lot to take in, don’t worry, as the DreamCourts team will walk you through all of the details, so that you don’t have to navigate it all alone.

And if it wasn’t going to be already, a DreamCourt will make your new Simonds home the coolest house on the block. Where the only thing that breaks up backyard play, is the call inside for dinner.

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All courts are built customisable – shape colour and design. Utilising premium basketball ring systems, you cannot find a greater outdoor playing experience for your own space! If you are passionate about basketball, the team at DreamCourts™ are ready to make your Hoop Dreams a reality!

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