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Let's Hear From Our Interior Designers Part Two

So many valuable styling tricks, we just couldn't keep them all to ourselves. We're diving into the playful world of art, feature bedheads and pillows!

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Even More Styling Secrets for your Simonds Home

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You’ve already learnt how styling choices can help you achieve an open flow, the illusion of a bigger space and the perfect balance between sleekness and warmth.

If you’re staring at your screen slightly bamboozled, you’ll want to head back and read part one here.

Now, we’re shifting the spotlight to all things art, extended bedheads and pillows. All playful additions that liven up any space and showcase your personality.

Keep reading, because we've got some major styling tips coming your way...

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Art 101

One of the best things about home ownership is that you get complete creative control over your entire home. Gone are the days of negotiating pets, landscaping and hanging art or photo frames on your walls with your landlord.

When the time comes, picking the right artwork for your home is all about following your head and your heart. It’s a sure-fire way to infuse your space with life and soul, but there’s also go-to tricks to ensure that your choices are practical and that they complement the rest of your home.

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We’ll start with the practical side first. In any space, we love to feature one larger piece that’s an absolute showstopper, rather than lots of smaller pieces. This helps you pair back all of the elements in your room and avoid having half an art gallery fighting for your attention.

Secondly, don’t fall into the common trap of hanging your art too low. Ideally, you’ll want to leave one third of the wall height above your artwork to achieve the best proportions in your space. Also, be wary of your placement. Main thoroughfares often fall victim to soaring footy balls and flying coats, while placing pieces low and directly behind the sofa can also cause a few head knocks.

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If you already have some beloved art pieces in mind for your new home but you find yourself umming and ahhing over feature wall ideas, think about drawing one of the more neutral hues found in the piece and colour match your feature wall. It’s a great way to bring your room together and weave a colour story throughout your home.

Now with the practical side out of the way, it’s so important to choose pieces that you’re able to form an emotional connection to. Art can be polarising, and a piece that you can’t take your eyes off, might not be someone else’s cup of tea. But choosing pieces that resonate with you, means that you’ll keep loving them day in and day out. And for a more personal touch, try old travel or family photos and print them in black and white or sepia for instant meaningful art.

Along with artwork, getting creative with your mirror shapes and tints is a great way to inject more personality into your space. Look for pill, round or arch shaped mirrors, and make an eye-catching statement by showcasing mirrors with a pink, peach or grey tint - the options are endless!

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Plush Hotel Luxury with an Extended Bedhead

In a time where many of us are craving travel and that sense of escapism, an extended bedhead provides that luxe hotel look for your master bedroom. Plus, you’re able to play around with the wide range of colours and textures to create a sleeping space that combines both plush comfort and personality.

When thinking about the placement of your extended bedhead, make sure that you have a clean corner-to-corner of your walls. Keeping a defined start and finish in the corners of the room means that your extended bedhead won’t encroach on your window furnishings and create a busy, overcrowded space. You’ll also want to extend your bedhead beyond your side tables, to give that coveted sense of grandeur.

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Opting for an extended bedhead also means you can forget about needing that typical piece of artwork hanging above the bed. Instead, think about placing your favourite piece on the opposite wall, so that it’s the first feature that you see when you wake up in the mornings.

You’ll also want to try and avoid any pillows or cushions with height (we’re looking at you European pillows) as they distract attention away from the bedhead, which we know is the real star of the show.

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The Golden Pillow Ratio

A divisive topic that usually splits people into two different camps - how many pillows should I have on my bed?

Some people stick to the mantra of less is best, while others prefer a tower of pillows high enough to launch them into space.

Our golden ratio? Seven.

For each person, feature two standard shaped pillows with an extra three cushions styled at the front. We’re also all about busting the myth that your pillows have to match. Incorporating different colours, textures and shapes is a great way to get playful with your linen choices.

More about the Author

Lori Bastone

Interior Designer - Design Rouge
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Diverse use of materials, unexpected elements and creative detailing are characteristics of Design Rouge, with an interaction of warmth and liveliness that has evolved as an illustration of Lori’s style. This aesthetic has seen Lori carve a niche in both residential and commercial sectors, principally in small to medium scale developments and in the residential volume builder fields.

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