Your Feng Shui Guide for the Year of the Dragon

Tips on how to reset and realign your home this Lunar New Year.

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While most of us would have heard of Feng Shui — the ancient Chinese practice that harnesses the natural energies, or ‘chi’, around us to instil a sense of balance, alignment and harmony within our homes — you might not be aware of Feng Shui’s connection to the Chinese zodiac.

Each cycle of Feng Shui spans a period of 20 years and is guided by a different dominant element — whether that be wood, fire, earth, metal or water. As we enter 2024 and the Year of the Dragon, we also welcome a new cycle of Feng Shui — one that is guided by the passion and creativity of fire.

Just like the natural chi that flow through our homes, Feng Shui isn’t static, it’s always evolving to match the surrounding energies of the period. So, without further ado, let’s see what the Year of the Dragon and the latest cycle of Feng Shui have in store for us and our homes.

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Keep a clutter-free entry

To start with, you’ll need a clear path to support the flow of energy through your entryway. It’s believed that good fortune is invited through the front door, so clutter and bulky objects obstruct a breezy pathway and prevent good luck from making its way into the home.

A stunning entrance also attracts wealth and prosperity, so it pays to think about how you can create an eye-catching first impression of your home — whether that’s through unique light fixtures, lively house plants or a front door with decorative elements. The number one rule: just make sure that you don’t place a mirror directly opposite your front door, as this bounces any positive energy back out to the kerb!

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Channel fire and water with pops of red, orange, pink and shades of blue

We know that red is already a lucky colour in Chinese tradition, and it also embodies the element of fire. Think of ways that you can bring these hues into your home for this Feng Shui cycle, either through paint or styling pieces like cushions, throws and vases.

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Bring the elements inside

A foundation of Feng Shui design is that some natural elements such as water, wood, fire, earth or metal should be represented in every room. Each element has its own properties, with wood representing growth, vitality and flexibility and it's best balanced with shades of green, blue and teal. With this Lunar New Year ushering in the Year of the Wood Dragon, this is your sign to think about how you can bring more of this natural elements into your new home.

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