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Finding the Complete Package

Do you want to simplify your home-building journey? With help and guidance from our friendly and knowledgeable New Home Specialists, your search for the perfect house and land package will be over.

Episode 3: Shelley Guides You Through All Things House and Land

A Prime Block of Land and the Perfect Home

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Before we get started, have you watched episode 1 and 2 of our exclusive online content series with Shelley Craft? If not, watch here now.

Now that we’ve got you all up to date, we’re talking about all things house and land.

The home-building journey can be an overwhelming process, where you quickly find yourself engaging a handful of land developers and home builders, all while navigating confusing construction and financial lingo.

If you want to save yourself time and extra hassle, Masterpiece Homes are a great way to take a step back and simplify your journey.

From our close relationships with local land developers across Australia, we’ve paired prime blocks of land in popular and upcoming locations with some of our most-loved home designs and facades.

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Image: Our newly opened Napier 53 display showcases sophisticated living at its finest. Explore the luxurious double-storey on display at the Highlands DV7 Estate, Craigieburn, VIC.

A fixed house and land package will give you a fully transparent outline of what to expect from the get-go with pricing and inclusions when it comes to your new home. But if you’re wanting to have a lot of creative control, this might not be the right fit for you.

Instead, a flexible house and land package will give you the opportunity to make changes to the floor plan and personalise your home to your heart’s content with design finishes, fixtures and upgrades.

When you buy a house and land package, you’re buying the idea of the home design on that block of land, rather than a property that’s already constructed. This grants you flexibility, while also giving you peace of mind that the chosen floor plan is suitable for the specific dimensions and requirements of the land.

At Simonds, our house and land experts have created a range of single and double-storey packages across popular estates in metropolitan and regional areas. If you can’t find a package on offer in the area that you want to build, not to worry! Our New Home Specialists can sit down with you, listen to your needs and requirements, and look to create a package that's made specifically for you.

If you're thinking that a package might be the right fit for you, keep scrolling for our biggest tips on navigating common roadblocks and traps of the house and land world.

One Thing To Keep in Mind

Titled vs. untitled land

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When you're on the house and land search, one thing to remember is that not all packages will include titled or registered land.

Land titling refers to a process where the land has been formally registered and the Certificate of Title has been issued in your name. With the recent booming demand on land, and especially titled land, you’ll find that off the plan blocks are more readily available. This means that they still need to go through the registration process and in many cases still be connected to utilities, footpaths and roads.

Why is this important? In short, you can’t start building your home until your land is titled. The timeline of the titling process will vary on a case-by-case basis and can be impacted by a range of factors, such as poor weather. Unfortunately, this process is out of Simonds’ control, but we will do everything in our power to have you prepared and everything ready to go once your land becomes titled.

While you’re waiting, we’ll line your ducks in a row with your floor plan, any structural changes or upgrades and your fittings and fixtures. We’ll make the most of every minute of these initial stages, ensuring that you’re feeling confident with your choices before building gets underway.

The House and Land Trap

And how to avoid it with Simonds

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Image: Our New Home Specialists will ensure that your block of land suits your dream home and your dream backyard. As seen in our Conway 25, on display at the Botanical Estate, Mickleham, VIC.

When embarking your home-building journey, you can find yourself in a dilemma. Do you buy land first and then find the right home design, or do you decide on your dream floor plan and then find a block that’s suitable?

If you buy a block of land before engaging a builder, you can run into a few roadblocks and costly traps. While a cheap block of land might seem like a good deal at the beginning, if it’s positioned on a significant slope, a corner lot or has a more complex drainage or soil composition, you can see your site costs start to quickly increase and even the need for expensive additions, such as retaining walls and extensive excavation.

Site costs relate to the extent of works needed to get your land prepared for building to start. This will include excavation works, like cut and fill, which form a level foundation for the concrete slab. As well as any slab upgrades that are required, such as piers, screw piles or deepened edge beams, which ensure ongoing structural integrity based on the existing land requirements. Other factors will also come into play, like the level of access to site, as well as other requirements such as scaffolding and temporary fencing.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to have a clear idea of what site costs you’ll be paying right from the start and weigh this up against the cost of the block of land.

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Image: A spacious kitchen for any seasoned cooks in the family. As seen in our Belvidere 41, on display at the Maples Estate, Greenvale, VIC.

That’s why we offer fixed site costs across our home designs. Based on engineering reports and information from the land developer, we’ll provide you with an upfront idea of your site costs and lock in your price. So if the unexpected happens, and we uncover lets say, underground rock or boulders later on down the track, they won’t put an expensive spanner in the works.

Depending on the profile of the land, a cheaper block with a significant slope could also unexpectedly force you down the split-level or custom build pathway. So any savings that you thought you had made at the beginning are at risk of going down the drain and the list of available builders all of a sudden gets a lot shorter.

Most of all, you might buy a block and find that your dream home doesn’t fit on it. So you find yourself already compromising on space or design features that you had pinned as your non-negotiables.

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Image: A dreamy master bedroom that you'll always enjoy starting your morning in. As seen in our Hann 35, on display at the Minta Farm Estate, Berwick, VIC.

On the other hand, if you have your heart set on your dream design, the next step will be finding a block that can fit your home, as well as your vision for your front and back garden. This can be really tricky with the competitive market and the current high demand on land.

Before too long, you find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster, where your dream home is getting further out of reach, and you’re having to make one compromise after another.

Our answer? Choose your builder first.

After 72 years in the business, we have close relationships with local land agents and developers, who give our teams regular updates on upcoming block sales.

So, not only will you be in the know about available land, but with hundreds of facades and home designs to choose from, including small-lot, ranch and METRO ranges, you can rest easy knowing that our New Home Specialists can find the dream floor plan for your budget and lifestyle.

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