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Get a Game-Changing Addition to Your Backyard, with DREAMCOURTS™

See all of the reasons why Omar and Oz called on DreamCourts for their Suncorp Game-Changer.

Taking Backyard Play

to New Heights

Every year on The Block, the teams get to hedge their bets on the Suncorp Game-Changer, where they’re gifted an extra $10K in exchange for a unique, value-adding idea that’ll take their home to the next level. Who could forget game-changer ideas of the past, like Tanya and Vito’s 70s-inspired sunken lounge or Mitch and Mark’s tranquil basement day spa?

This time around in Gisborne, the Suncorp Game-Changer has been taken to new heights. Not only did the money up for grabs double to $20K, it also came with some big non-negotiables. First and foremost, the idea pitched by the Blockheads had to embrace sustainability and resilience. This saw Omar and Oz’s idea of a multi-purpose sports court knocked back due to their initial pitch involving a traditional synthetic material. But the best friends went back to the drawing board and found a solution: DreamCourts.

After the big backyard reveals, we’ve already seen how a DreamCourt is a game-changer for your lifestyle, giving you a space to shoot hoops, play a friendly game of ring toss or entertain large groups of people throughout the summer with ease. But as we’ve learnt from Omar and Oz, it’s also a resilient and environmentally-friendly choice for your backyard. Keep reading to see what sets DreamCourts apart from the rest below!

Simonds Blog Preview

With their DreamCourt, putt-putt course and pool, Omar and Oz knocked backyard week out of the park.

What sets a DreamCourt apart from the rest?

We’ve already touched on the big advantages of adding a DreamCourt to your backyard when it comes to maintenance and making the most of backyard play, but let’s take a look at what sets it apart from the rest when it comes to sustainability.

1. It's a reliable team player

First things first, with its quality and engineered design, your DreamCourt will be with you for generations to come. Their multi-courts give you an activated outdoor surface predicted to last over 25 years, compared to the average 11 year expectancy of traditional synthetic courts according to Tennis Australia.

This means your children, and then your grandkids, will all be making the most of your DreamCourt for their backyard play. Plus, the impact cushioning of their design is softer on your joints, so you won’t have to watch from the sidelines. It’s an outdoor surface for all abilities and ages.

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2. It's fully recyclable

Secondly, DreamCourt surfaces are completely recyclable in their entirety, and even better, they can be recycled without disassembly. All of the offcuts from production go to their valued Recycling Partner, in order to be reused as garden pots throughout Australia. While synthetic turf counterparts can be recycled, the plastic needs to be separated from the infill material, which equals a lot of time and money down the drain. During this tedious process, it's common for microplastics to break away and pollute the surrounding environment. This can even start to happen before you begin to disassemble and recycle, as sections of the turf begin to crumble, leading to the shorter average lifespan of synthetic surfaces.

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3. It's designed with the Australian climate in mind.

We know regional Australia can often bear the brunt of all four seasons, so you need an addition to your backyard that can take whatever you throw at it. Thermal testing has shown that a DreamCourt surface can withstand blistering summers as well as frosty winters, from 70 degrees celsius over 24 hours, right down to -50 degrees celsius. Plus, with a fire rating of Grade 1, the best there is, you’ll get extra peace of mind as we head into the unpredictable summer months.

Not to mention, the porous design of DreamCourts equals a quick wicking surface. The short term benefit of this means that play isn’t rained out for long. But it also means you don't have to deal with moss growth brought on by drawn-out wet weather.

Simonds Blog Preview

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