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Redo & Guest Bedroom Week

In what was the first double win of the season, Tom and Sarah-Jane and Rachel and Ryan claimed joint top spot by rectifying their previous reno blunders and delivering cosy guest bedrooms.

A big week

from rectifying defects, to creating property listings

It was an action-packed week for the Blockheads which started with a visit from our very own Blue Tape Nate, who was tasked with identifying defects and giving his expert tips on improving quality across the homes.

Next up was the Domain Listings Challenge, where 100 potential buyers inspected the properties and voted for their favourite, giving the winners Rachel and Ryan a boost in the competition ahead of the all-important Auction Week. Coming in a close second, Tom and Sarah-Jane from House 1 won the tick of approval from The Block’s mega-buyer Danny Wallis, who gave his sought-after gnome to the Blockheads from Gladstone Park.

During all of this, the Blockheads produced another round of contemporary, country-inspired guest bedrooms, proving yet again they can deliver under pressure. With a lot of talk about the tree-change phenomenon on The Block this year, we wanted to take a look at the difference between country and coastal-inspired interior design.

Simonds Blog Preview

Country vs. coastal interior design

What’s your style?

Since the pandemic, we’ve been drawn more and more to the tree-change and sea-change phenomena, due to the calming influence and relaxed lifestyles that both interior design looks bring into our homes.

At their heart, both design styles encourage you to go back to basics. They’re influenced by the natural environments around us, whether it’s the long stretches of sandy coastline or green rolling hills and winding country roads. So, which style are you more drawn to? Let’s find out below.

Simonds Blog Preview

If you like country-inspired design, try dado wall panelling.

First off, you might be asking what is dado wall panelling exactly? Basically, it’s panelling that extends roughly one third of the way up your wall. You can feature it throughout your entire home, or use it in a few select spaces, like your hallway or master bedroom. Capped with a dado rail, it’s one of the most common features found in country homesteads and cottages. You can either go for a traditional wainscoting look, or nowadays, the different profiles of the Surround by Laminex range give a contemporary edge to your classic dado wall panelling.

A front on view of a queen-sized bed, with white half-height wall panelling acting as a bedhead, wall lights above, and a muted green colour on the walls, Two bedside tables have flowers and books propped up and to the left, a large window has billowing white sheer curtains.

If coastal-inspired design is more your style, try vertical joint wall panelling.

For embracing more of a coastal look and feel, you’ll want to explore full-height vertical joint panelling that extends all the way up the wall. It adds texture, while also accentuating the height of your space without being too overbearing. We love to feature it anywhere in the home, especially in a separate lounge or master bedroom. If you’re wanting to explore more inspiration when it comes to wall panelling, head here for a round-up of our favourite styles.

Simonds Blog Preview

If you like country-inspired design, try a colour palette of earthy greens, beiges and rusts.

By now, we know both interior design styles take inspiration from their natural surroundings. You’ll always be trying to bring the outside in, which means mimicking the tones and textures found in our iconic landscape. For country-inspired styling and design, this means the warm and earthy tones of Australian bushland, rocky hills and sprawling paddocks, so think soft beiges, rich rusts and muted greens. We put a spotlight a green, country-inspired colour palette a while back by taking a look at Clear View from the Haymes Paint Trending Colour Forecast. You can read more about it here.

Photo of a living room with a grey L-shaped couch on top of a faded-look patterned rug and has a selection of green and rust pillows. A painting of a native flower hangs above the couch , directly opposite a large fiddle leaf fig plant. Large sliding doors extend across the back of the photo, opening out to an under cover alfresco which has a large table and chairs

If you like coastal-inspired design, try white-washed neutrals, watery blues and cool greys.

On the other hand, coastal-inspired looks evoke memories of summers spent by the beach, drawing on the stretches of sandy coastline, salty air and rolling ocean waves for ultimate, blissed-out inspiration. Within a coastal colour palette, you’ll find a collection of white-washed neutrals, watery blues and cool greys. Offset these fresh, cooler tones by scattering vibrant indoor plants throughout your home, and you’ll find yourself well on your way to achieving a relaxed coastal feel.

Photo of a dining table with cane seats and a wall bench in vertical cladding behind it. You have windows showing tropical outdoor plants and a kitchen island bench with white cane bar stools and white hanging pendant lights

If country-inspired design is more up your alley, try plenty of texture, rugs and rustic timbers.

As we already know, country-inspired design is all about engaging the five senses; sight, sounds, touch, smell and taste. When it comes to styling, this means incorporating plenty of patterns, textures and earthy elements like rustic timbers and stone. Remember to keep it cosy with wool pile carpet, and chunky knit throws, and a check pattern never goes astray as we’ve learnt from Tom and Sarah-Jane in House 1 of The Block this season.

Photo of a master bedroom with a grey wall, extended bedhead and grey wool pile carpet. The queen-sized bed has a rust and green check bed linen, two wooden side tables and a wooden bench at the end of the bed

If you like coastal-inspired design, try linen, rattan and cane furniture and pendant lights.

Coastal styling is all about incorporating light timbers, rattan and cane finishes and soft linen to create a sun-kissed, relaxed feeling within your home. If you want to add in an extra touch of sophistication, bringing in fresh orchids, vibrant blues and upholstered furniture will bring Hamptons-inspired elegance into your coastal space.

A photo of a dining room, lounge and alfresco. in the forefront, you see a timber, white washed dining table and chairs with fresh orchids and settings. Across from this is a wooden and glass panelled sideboard with a statement mirror above it, In the background, is a wall TV, couch and upholstered blue ottoman.

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