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Luxe Bathroom Features

Create your own at-home spa feel with lavish features from Alder Tapware and Delos. They’re big on tech and even bigger on relaxation.

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Game-changing features for your new Simonds bathroom

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At Simonds, we truly believe that your home is your sanctuary - the calm oasis among the chaos of busy schedules, stress and uncertain times. After having spent so much time indoors and glued to screens, we now understand more than ever the importance of living in a home that actively enhances our well-being.

When you’re building new, you have the unique opportunity to design relaxation and well-being into the very foundation of your home. Which is where we come in. With a little help from our friends, Alder Tapware and Delos, you can lean into wellness and slip into a state of serenity in your new Simonds home.

Our top 3 features to enhance

well-being and relaxation in your new home

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Since you can’t go to the spa, why not bring the spa to you? To create a soothing, at-home retreat, you can’t go past Alder’s LIFE Panel Shower. It combines a rain and hand shower with body jets that showcase NANOJET technology, which atomises water and increases surface area ten-fold. It’s an investment, but one that will make every single shower feel like a luxe experience.

To elevate your bathroom further, why not try incorporating a tiled seat into your shower space. It creates the ultimate oasis for winding down at the end of a jam-packed day, while simultaneously infusing your bathroom with that high-end, spa look.

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At Simonds, we led the way in providing Delos-designed Darwin technology to affordable home designs, because we believe that all Australians have the right to a home that lets them live well. Modern living, with all of its benefits, has also wreaked havoc on our natural circadian rhythms, and this disruption to the sleep-wake cycle flows on to affect our energy, appetite and productivity. To counteract this, the Darwin home intelligence platform adjusts downlights to natural circadian patterns, filters water and monitors and purifies air.

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If you’re guilty of battling groggy mornings and inhaling 3 coffees before 9am, the Delos Energising Mirror might just be the perfect addition to your bathroom. It sets the tone for your day, by radiating white light in the mornings to invigorate and energise, and warm light at night to help you start winding down before bed. The best part being, it works within your existing morning and night routines, meaning you don’t have to go out of your way to create new habits in order to reap the wellness benefits.

Feeling inspired to get the relaxing spa look in your new Simonds home? Chat to your Gallery Consultant and they’ll walk you through all of your options for elevating your bathroom with wellness in mind.

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