Blue Tape Nate

Day in the life As seen on the block

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You’ve seen him on the latest season of The Block armed with his roll of blue tape and his eye for quality. Many of our customers may even recognise him from his time spent as a Site Supervisor and a Regional Building Manager out in Melbourne’s West. He’s Blue Tape Nate and he leads the way when it comes to our Quality Assurance (QA) Inspections.

As the VIC State Building Manager, every week for Blue Tape Nate looks different. He could be down in Gippsland or Geelong one day and then up in Bendigo the next. When you have up to 1500 builds on site at any given time like we do, you need to be a well oiled machine to make sure everything is ticking along smoothly. A big part of this is ensuring we’re getting things right, and we’re getting them right the first time. On the off-chance touch ups are needed, our QA Inspections are in place to pick up on these early on, allowing them to be rectified before you progress to the next stage of your build.

Follow Blue Tape Nate around for a day to see our high quality standards in action.