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Hallway and Laundry Week

The tradies from House 4, Dylan and Jenny, took out their first room reveal win of the season with refined, but on trend hallway and laundry spaces.

Infamous 'Hellway Week' is back

and it was a race to the finish line!

It’s jokingly coined ‘Hellway Week’ - and good for reason. This week, the Blockheads took on the mammoth task of all their connecting spaces, like hallways, the laundry, powder rooms and mudrooms.

They might be small in area (especially compared to last week’s huge living and dining spaces) but they presented a mighty challenge for all five houses.

Sometimes viewed as the ‘forgotten’ parts of the home, the Blockheads made a memorable impact with stylish and polished spaces, with not one, but two pet washing stations on show!

Last season’s winners, Mitch and Mark paid the Blockheads a visit to impart some pearls of wisdom, with Dylan and Jenny shaking their second place curse and claiming their first room reveal win of the season.

Simonds Blog Preview

Let’s talk mudrooms

What are they and do you need one?

In case the name didn’t give it away, mudrooms are separate spaces within the home, usually close to the garage, backyard or connected to the laundry, where families can contain all of their dirty boots, umbrellas and pet gear, instead of traipsing it all throughout the home.

In the past, they’ve often been associated with farm properties or sprawling country estates, but these days, they’re a useful addition to any new home, regardless of if you’re in the city, country or on the coast.

While the Blockheads went all out this week (hello dog washing stations) you can choose to keep your space simple with a drop-off zone off your hallway with hooks for raincoats and winter woollies, as well as a space to sit down to put on and take off shoes.

There’s a few things to consider when designing these kinds of utility spaces and we’ve put our top 3 tips together to get you started.

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The drop-off zone in our Napier 53 delivers plenty of storage.

1. Where should you locate your mudroom?

Regardless of if it’s your mudroom, a spacious laundry or a drop-off zone, accessibility and functionality will always be key. You’ll want to think about the layout of your home, your lifestyle and where you’ll get the most use out of your space. Some might find they want it close to the internal garage access point, while others know it’ll be handy close to the back door for when they’re coming in from gardening or grooming pets. Wherever you place it, it’s important to keep it tucked away out of sight of guests.

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Our ranch-style Annandale 27 gives owners easy access out to the garden.

2. Think about what your mudroom will be used for

In Australia, we live a very active and outdoor lifestyle, which makes a mudroom a useful addition to any new home. We’re also used to extreme weather, and by the looks of it, it seems La Niña is here to stay. Although it’s called a mudroom, it does have great potential beyond just storing your raincoats and gumboots. With so many rechargeable appliances these days, like cordless vacuums, you’re able to hide them away in tall cupboards with power points. You can also design your cabinetry layout to take into account things like bulk orders of dry pet food, incorporating large base cupboards to store heavy items easily. We always recommend you chat about your lifestyle and needs with your Gallery Consultant, because they can help design a space that’ll work for you.

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Placing your laundry space close to your powder room is another handy tip if you want to stop dirt and mud from making its way into the home.

3. A drop-off zone can be a great middle ground

If you don’t have the space for a bigger mudroom, a drop-off zone is a great middle ground. Flowing off your hallway, it’s a great place to quickly hang jackets, scarves and school bags, keeping clutter to a minimum. The rush out the door in the morning will be a little bit easier with your everyday essentials all in the one place.

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The drop-off zone in our Berrick 38 is a great nook for all of your essentials.

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