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Children's Bedroom Week

Dylan and Jenny from House 4 are on a roll, once again claiming first place for their storybook-inspired children’s bedroom.

Getting Playful with

Children’s Bedrooms

As we entered the tail end of the competition, budgets were running low and tensions were running high amongst the Blockheads.

From House 3, Ankur and Sharon experienced budgeting woes, while Tom and Sarah-Jane ran into a spot of trouble with defects lingering on from Hallway Week. But that didn’t stop the teams from delivering dreamy children’s bedrooms, with Rachel and Ryan even calling on their 5-year old daughter for some expert advice.

Off the back of their win from Hallway Week, Dylan and Jenny took the top honours once again, with a playful children’s bedroom featuring storybook-inspired wallpaper, a swing chair and plenty of Australiana styling.

Children’s bedrooms can be a difficult place to plan ahead for, design and style. You need to consider a range of factors, from location to purpose and longevity. To help you on your way, we’ve asked the 3 big questions you should be considering before you get started.

Simonds Blog Preview

Big 3 questions to ask yourself when planning your children’s bedrooms

We’re talking location, bathrooms and styling

Question 1: What ages are you planning for?

If you’ve got young children, you might be drawn to a floor plan where the secondary bedrooms are adjacent to or just across the hall from the master bedroom. It’s common for new parents to want to keep their little ones close by and it’s a lot more convenient if you’re feeding and checking in on them throughout the night. On the other hand, if you’re planning your new home with tweens and teenagers in mind, it might make more sense to create a dedicated children’s wing in a separate area of the home. Having the secondary bedrooms wrapped around a retreat in a separate area of the home creates a hangout space where they can chill out with friends, play video games or do their homework.

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Question 2: How many bathrooms will you need?

Again, this will probably come back to the age question. For many families, a central bathroom surrounded by the secondary bathrooms will be enough to stop you from stepping one each other’s toes. But also in recent years, with rising house prices and the impacts of lockdowns and the pandemic, young adults are moving out of home later than ever before. This means that planning for the future with extra ensuites can pay off later on down the track. If this sounds like it could be your family, our Napier 53 is the perfect design to start exploring. With every bedroom having access to an ensuite and a walk-in robe, there’s plenty of space as your children grow older or even as your parents or in-laws move-in.

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Question 3: Will you need a versatile space?

We’ve all been through a phase growing up of wanting our bedroom to be covered in bright paint or bold wallpaper. While these will always be a fun and creative addition to a child’s bedroom, it might not be the most practical. Keeping the walls and carpet a classic neutral tone and incorporating bright pops of colour through playmats, cushions and wall hangings will give you flexibility as your children grow older, or if you need to repurpose the room for a study or an at-home workout space.

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